"Charlie from the swamp" is an upcoming game about exploration. You play as Charlie, a little, but strong frog. You have one major task - you need to find a ring, that fell somewhere in this giant world. On your way, you will meet a lot of friends, enemies, bosses and even cats (oof, scary!).

Gameplay and features

"Charlie from the swamp" is a classic side-scrolling action with some modern features      Exploration in a magical open world
Dialogues with almost every non-enemy NPC
Complex combat system, with an easy learning curve and a lot of headroom for improvement

Lore and world design

You will explore a big open world with a lot of secrets
8+ different areas, with a new places, enemies and gameplay
Complex and connected nonlinear story
Humor. We know, what is it and how to use it.

Art and music

We put a lot of effort in a "Charlie from the swamp" visual and audio appearance, cause we believe, that games are art!

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